“Working with Charlie has been the best coaching experience of my life. His kind, nurturing approach created a trusting dynamic that allowed me to be truly open and to find a new, deep level of self-love and acceptance. He is an amazing human. I feel blessed to have been able to work with him.”
Liesl, Seattle, WA

“Charlie Glickman is one of the finest educators in the field of sexuality.  He has the rare and unique ability to combine his vast knowledge with an engaging and welcoming style, regardless of topic.  I am incredibly picky about the people on my referral list, and Charlie is someone I can recommend without reservation.  Not only is he excellent, but he also serves an important model of sex-positive community building.  His years of experience in the field of sexuality will of tremendous value to clients, whether they are working on their sexual well-being or in need of guidance for a career in this field.”
Dr. Ruth Neustifter
Assistant Professor, Couples & Family Therapy
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“You are giving me so many wonderful tools and ways to relate and process these deeply intimate experiences, that are truly altering my emotional trajectory for the better, but also making my emotions so haywire that I can’t function well! I feel like you are giving me what I need to have both the experiences, the growth, and also get back to better Adulting in the real world. :)”
Haley, Los Angeles

“Charlie Glickman changed my life. The quality of all of my relationships, sexual and otherwise, has improved dramatically as a result of my newfound ability to employ clear and empathic communication about even the most difficult subjects. Charlie is unique in his ability to make new experiences feel safe and fun, and to be thoughtful and responsive to needs as they arise. I would highly recommend his coaching services to folks of any gender and sexual orientation who are ready to let the light into their sex lives.”
Renee, Boston

“Charlie offers a much needed approach in the field of sex education and sexual health and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to hear him speak on a panel and present a workshop. He combines knowledge, practicality, humor, and compassion – a powerful combination when it comes to sex!”
Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA

“Anyone can hang out their shingle as a sex coach.  Charlie’s extensive experience teaching and coaching in this field and his PhD in adult sexual education, plus his kind and compassionate approach, make him the ideal choice.  Do yourself and your partner(s) a favor and give him a call!”
Angela K., Berkeley, CA

“Charlie is the most knowledgeable, accepting, and genuinely kind sex educator I have ever met. His breadth of expertise is amazingly extensive and his personal experiences makes him relatable, non-judgmental, and empathetic.  He is able to talk about practically every topic related to sexuality with folks with all sorts of backgrounds, viewpoints, and levels of experience. I am thankful for all the guidance and advice he has been able to offer me these past few years, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach to anyone in need.”
Alison, San Francisco

“I attended one of Charlie Glickman’s Prostate Pleasure classes (Prostate Pleasure and Male Multiple Orgasm) when he was here in NYC. Incredibly useful. I learned quite a bit about my own anatomy, and my partner was completely inspired to break out a box of gloves and start experimenting. I also learned that what I have been experiencing is indeed multiple orgasm.”
Scott, New York City