What Is Somatic Sex Coaching?

There are lots of ways to learn about sexuality. You can read books and websites about it, you can watch educational movies, you can talk with a therapist, and of course, you can experiment with different ways to have sex. But there’s another option that you might not have heard about: somatic sex coaching.

Somatic sex education is somatic education for erotic embodiment. That’s quite a mouthful, but what does it really mean?

Somatic education is learning that takes place in your body. Reading a book, attending a workshop, or watching a video can be a great way to discover new things. But there’s a limit to how far that can take you. That’s where experiential learning can be effective. In a way, it doesn’t matter what you’re learning. You can read a book about gardening, take a workshop on creating spreadsheets, or watch a yoga video, but you have to try each of them for yourself to make it real. Somatic sex coaching uses body experiences that are designed to help you unlock your erotic potential.

Erotic embodiment is all about your ability to raise sexual energy and experience pleasure while being fully present in your body. Do you get so focused on your fantasies that they don’t have much attention to give to yourself or your partner? Do you get triggered and get stuck in past memories? Do you tune out or get distracted by your thoughts? If that happens to you, you’re not as present in the moment as you could be. If you get distracted you or if your fantasies or memories take you out of your body, you’re missing out on a lot of your erotic possibilities. When you learn to reconnect with your body, you’ll discover amazing new ways to experience pleasure and build authentic connection with a partner.

In a culture that is full of sexual shame, wounding, and trauma, almost everyone experiences limits to their pleasure. We’ve all received messages that keep us from honoring and celebrating our erotic energy. Somatic sex coaching can help you free yourself from these blocks and expand how much pleasure you can feel. Bringing your heart, mind, and body into alignment with your sexuality creates sexual empowerment that can become the foundation of a better connection with yourself and with others.

The Container of Somatic Sex Education

Somatic sex education uses breath, movement, sound, and touch to offer new insight into your erotic capacity, to become more connected to your pleasure and your body, and to support healing from sexual wounding. While sex therapy can be a great way to address certain issues, somatic sex education focuses on teaching you about your sexuality and your relationship to it. That’s powerful work, and it requires a strong container to be able to explore the learning edges where growth happens. There are many different elements that we use to create that container.

One of the most important elements of this modality is that I will never do anything that you don’t want to do. While I might offer suggestions, I will only provide touch that is actively invited. You can say no to anything, at any time, even if you had previously said yes to it. I welcome and invite your guidance to ensure that your experience is meeting your goals. On the other hand, if there’s something you say no to at the beginning of a session, it will remain a no the duration of that appointment. There’s always the opportunity to explore it in a future session.

Another aspect to the container of sexological bodywork is that all touch is one-way, from me to you. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to actively receive touch. Further, I will remain fully clothed during the entire session and wear gloves for all genital contact to maintain your safety. This also helps to strengthen the container of sexological bodywork.

I am very mindful of confidentiality and privacy. I will never disclose any information about you, including the fact that we’re working together, without your written consent or a legal order. You are always welcome to share anything about your experiences with anyone you choose.

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Professional Ethics

In order to fully support clients in their journey, all Certified Somatic Educators abide by a Code of Ethics.