If you’re a sexuality professional (sex educator, therapist, coach, sex worker, writer, etc.), your relationship to your own pleasure and embodiment affects your career as well as your sex life. Challenges you face with your own sexuality can make it difficult to support your clients in their exploration and healing, or even to work at all. When you want to expand your comfort zone, heal from past experiences, or deepen your connection with your body and your sexuality, you need support from someone who understands what that’s like.

Working in this field doesn’t guarantee having a “perfect sex life”

(as if there is such a thing).

As a fellow sexuality professional, I understand how your personal life and your work affect each other. I can meet you as a peer, while holding our professional relationship in the foreground. I’ll support your personal exploration and your professional development, and I’ll value your work without judgement or shame.

Whether you’re looking for coaching over Zoom or in person, or somatic sex coaching, I offer a sliding scale discount for sexuality professionals. When you’re ready to get started, get in touch with me to set up a free Get Acquainted call over phone or Zoom. Let’s figure out how you can make sex easy.