Sex Educator Coaching

If you’re a sexuality educator, you know how challenging it is to create engaging presentations that stand apart from what other people offer. There are a lot of folks giving workshops and classes these days, so you need to be the best presenter you can be. That’s where I can make it easy.

I’ve been teaching workshops and classes for over twenty years, and I get great reviews. I’ve given presentations in almost every format including one-hour classes, day-long seminars, conference presentations, and semester-long university courses. Whether you’re already a sexuality educator or you want to be one, I can help you develop the skills you need to be the best! We can work on any aspect of your teaching practice, including:

  • identifying your career path and how to make it happen
  • writing effective curricula that will keep you on track
  • developing dynamic and engaging classes & workshops that get great reviews
  • creating motivating presentations to inspire your students to grow
  • crafting learning exercises that challenge and teach at the same time
  • giving you targeted feedback about your teaching style to maximize your effectiveness
  • building and launching a website, from design to copy writing to finding a host and getting it out into the world
  • marketing and promotion, including how to write amazing workshop blurbs and get the word out
  • maximizing your social media reach without burning out
  • and much more

Working with me will give you new perspectives on your teaching and help you focus on building your career. If you want input about your planning, I can do that. If you want help with your teaching, I can come to one of your classes or you can video record it for me to watch so you can get an outside perspective from an expert. If you’re struggling with identifying your brand and how to promote it, I’ve got you covered.

We can work together just once, or we can put together a coaching package to make sure you have the support and accountability you need to make your sex education career shine. No matter what kind of sex education you do, I’ll help you do it better, with less work and more fun!

Get in touch with me to schedule a free Get Acquainted call and to find out how I can support you as you build your career as a sex educator.