Trauma Release Exercises®

Stress and trauma, especially sexual trauma, can have a big impact on our relationships, our sex lives, and how we feel about ourselves. And while there is a lot of value in talk-based healing, such as therapy, those modalities also have their limits. Trauma Release Exercises® is a powerful tool for working with the body and creating room for healing.

Trauma Release Exercises® is a body-based practice that works directly with the nervous system to build resilience and promote healing. It helps you access the inborn mechanism in your body that releases stress, trauma, and nervous system activation. That allows your entire system to return to a state of balance and relaxation. Through this process, TRE® teaches you about your relationship with your nervous system, and your patterns of activation and relaxation. It also helps you learn the skills of self-regulation that support you in every aspect of your life. Whether stress is caused by a current situation or something from your past, TRE® can help you come back into balance.

There are two things that make TRE® different from other approaches. First, since it works with the body and its innate responses, you don’t need to go into the story of your experiences. There is certainly a lot of value in talking about your past as part of healing, but it’s not the only approach. Working with the body can give you new perspectives and offer different possibilities for moving forward.

Second, TRE® is designed so that you can develop your own practice at home. While some people prefer to work with a practitioner, once you understand the process, you can do it solo. That gives you the freedom and flexibility to control your own healing at your own pace.

I have personally found TRE® to be a valuable tool for taking care of my own nervous system, and it is a regular part of my self-care. As a certified TRE® provider, I can take you through each step of the practice and help you discover how powerful it can be. I offer sessions in my Seattle office, or while I’m traveling.

If you’re curious about what TRE® can offer you, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about how it works. And if you’d like to set up a free Get Acquainted call, get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!