Join Me for the Men’s Sexual Satisfaction Summit

Men's Sexual Satisfaction Summit

There are a lot of reasons why men struggle with sexual satisfaction. We get a lot of confusing and contradictory messages. We face outmoded definitions of masculinity that focus on “get it up, get it in, get it off” and assume that satisfaction equals performance rather than pleasure. We don’t learn how to state our desires and ask for what we want. We get so worried about “performing” that we psych ourselves out. We don’t learn how to navigate our emotions and really connect with a partner. It’s no wonder that so many guys get stuck.

I’m excited to be part of the Men’s Sexual Satisfaction Summit, a free virtual virtual event. Organizer Shana James has brought together an amazing group of folks whose expertise and experience will help men and their partners discover the tools and skills they need to explore deep connection, authentic relationships, and more pleasure than you thought possible. Come learn:

  • How to become multi-orgasmic and enjoy sex longer
  • Navigating women’s emotions to create more intimacy and passion
  • Tools for stepping into dominance to inspire women to open up to you, rather than shutting down
  • How to ask for what you want so that you can actually get it
  • Overcoming insecurity and building genuine confidence.

I’ll be talking about one of my favorite topics: Escaping the Act Like a Man Box: Discover Real Pleasure. You don’t want to miss this. This is a free event, and you won’t find this range of experts anywhere else. Sign up here!

One thing: while a lot of the info will be useful for men of any sexual orientation, most of it is focused on cisgender heterosexual guys.