My Accountability Process

In 2018, I initiated an accountability process to address harms I caused to one of my previous partners and to my personal and professional communities.

  • From 2014-2016, I harmed and emotionally abused one of my partners.
  • I used social media in the autumn of 2016 to defend my actions which harmed my communities.
  • I took advantage of the power dynamics that come with being a speaker and workshop teacher.

My accountability pod and I launched our public process in June 2019, and we have been working as a group to create a safe space for people to report harm that I caused, and to move towards repair and resolution. My accountability pod and I have published a series of documents, in which we describe various aspects of this situation, and we will continue to do so until my process is complete.

If you have any questions or if you have information that you would like to share with my pod, you can also contact them through the confidential email linked in the Medium post. I will not have access to your messages, unless you specifically give the pod permission to share them with me.

If you know of any individuals or groups that would want to be aware of this or that have information to share with my pod, please share this post or send them the link to the Medium page.

I am deeply sorry that my actions impacted and hurt so many people, and I hope that this process creates a space in which I can take responsibility for the effects of what I did.

Relevant links:

Medium account for posts about my accountability work (managed by my pod)

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Accountability Pod FAQ 

Naming My Harms

The Work I’ve Been Doing

Confidential pod contact email (I do not have access to these messages)

Note: The original version of this blog post lives here.