My Accountability Process

In 2023, I completed an accountability process to address harms I caused to one of my previous partners and to my personal and professional communities between 2014-2017. During that time, I was emotionally manipulative, abused my professional power, and pushed sexual boundaries with  employees and folks in my communities. When I got called out on it, I got defensive and verbally attacked the people who were trying to help.

Thanks to the process, and my work with my accountability pod and my coach, I’ve restored integrity, made amends where possible, and shifted my behavior. If you would like more information, you can read my wrap-up post, A Letter to My Communities and these posts by my accountability pod.

If you have had an experience with me that you believe violates any of my professional consent policies or my coaching policies, or that you felt harmed by, I welcome your feedback. If you have any hesitation in approaching me, I invite you to contact my accountability team by filling out this confidential google form. You can also get in touch with the team directly, you can use this confidential email. I have no access to the form or its responses, or the team’s email. They will only share identifying information with me with your express, affirmative consent.

My Accountability Team

Mischa Byruck (he/him) is an accountability and integrity coach for men who have done harm, whether they have been called into accountability by others or not. In addition to his participation on my accountability team, Mischa and I will engage in ongoing coaching work together.

Alyssa Morin (she/her) is a somatic sex educator, a relationship and intimacy guide, and a member of both the Grievance Council and the Ethics Committee for the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. She has been an active contributor to the ACSB’s ongoing project of developing a better grievance process and accountability structure for sexological bodyworkers/somatic sex educators. 

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates (she/her) is an intimacy coach and retreat facilitator with extensive experience and a deep commitment to bringing equity and inclusion to the field of sexual education and coaching.