Somatic Sexual Healing: A Workshop for Clinicians

One of the things I’ve learned as a sexuality educator and coach is that it’s really easy to spend a lot of time talking about sex, pleasure, consent, and communication without actually changing anything. You can say something like, “It’s important to tell your partner when they do something you don’t enjoy,” but let’s be honest about it. Most people already know that. The difficult thing is putting it into practice.

As a somatic sex coach, I’ve seen how powerful it is to give someone an opportunity to actually learn how to tune into their desires and boundaries, find the words to share with partner, and navigate the conversations that follow. Doing it is a lot more effective than talking about it.

Many of these exercises and practices are woven into my workshop How to Get Freaky Without Being Creepy because I love giving folks the opportunity to learn real-life skills that they can use immediately. And because I’m passionate about getting this information out there, I’ve created a new workshop, Somatic Sexual Healing, for therapists, coaches, educators, and other professionals who want to support their clients and students as they learn new ways to navigate sex and relationships.

This workshop takes some of the lessons from sexological bodywork, Betty Martin’s amazing teachings on touch and consent, and exercises that I’ve developed, and adapts them to fit within therapists’ and educators’ scope of practice. If you feel comfortable touching a client’s hand, you can guide them through a range of effective and enlightening experiences that will give them (and you) more insight into the challenges people face around pro-active sexual communication. And if you prefer to not do the exercises with a client, you can guide them through it with partner or friend. For that matter, I’ve led couples through these practices over video and it works great!

If you’d like to come take this workshop, I’d love to come teach it in your town. Get in touch with me and let’s talk about how we can make that happen. Here’s the description:

Somatic Sexual Healing: A Workshop for Clinicians

Talking about sexuality and pleasure can go a long way towards helping your clients overcome their challenges. But there are also limits to what words can accomplish, which is where experiential practices can be useful. Somatic sex educator Charlie Glickman will teach you a series of safe, powerful, and effective tools to teach your clients about embodiment, boundaries, consent, and communication, while also giving you valuable and clinically-relevant information that will help you to support them. Some of these exercises include touching the hand, and possibly the forearm, so if you can shake hands with a client, you can integrate these skills into your practice immediately. You can also guide a couple through these exercises, allowing you to observe their interactions and offer guidance and feedback.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe at least three ways in which somatic practices can support sexual healing in your clients.
  • Demonstrate at least six different somatic exercises for exploring boundaries, consent, and communication.
  • Discuss at least four clinically-relevant concerns that can be supported or explored through experiential work.
  • Identify at least three reasons why these practices would not be appropriate or effective for a particular client.