August Is Anal Sex Month! Come Learn How To Do It Right

peach butt Did you know that August is Anal Sex Month?

Of course, you don’t need to wait until then to explore anal pleasure. But if you’ve been curious about it or if you’ve tried it and had it not work, this is a great time to get the tips you need to make it hot, safe, and fun. I’m here to help you make it happen.

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, which I wrote with Aislinn Emirzian, has lots of info about pleasurable anal play. Since the book focuses on the prostate (aka, the male G-spot), it doesn’t explain all of the many ways you can enjoy anal stimulation, but it certainly offers a lot of great ideas and suggestions. The book’s website also has plenty of info to get you started.

For the folks who like to take classes or workshops, I have a few coming up in August. On Friday, August 1, I’ll be teaching Awesome Anal Sex in Santa Monica, CA. Or if you miss that, I’ll be in Hollywood on August 4 for a class on The Pleasures of Prostate Play. And I’d love to have you join me at Good Vibrations in San Francisco on August 11 for Prostate Pleasure. My workshops are always lots of fun and they’re an easy way to get your questions answered.

If you want more focused attention, check out my coaching services. I offer talk-based coaching over video for individuals and couples. I’d be happy to help you find new ways to talk with your partner about your desires and fantasies, and help you put them into action. If you’re ready to take it further, my hands-on coaching sessions can be a great way to go. As a certified somatic sex educator, I’m trained in helping people learn sexual embodiment skills and discover new ways to experience amazing pleasure.

I do a few different kinds of sessions that can help you make anal play exciting. Since the anus is the only part of the body where we can directly stimulate the autonomic nervous system (the part that controls our fight-flight response and our relaxation response), anal touch can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. It can help you become more centered and present in your body, and my clients feel so calm and grounded afterward.

I can also help you explore anal touch for pleasure. Embodied pleasure is one of the most healing gifts we can offer ourselves, and in these sessions, we explore different options for anal pleasure so you can learn more about your body, your sexuality, and your desires. Discovering what kinds of touch make anal play feel good for you can make it easier to ask a partner for what you like.

If you’re curious, I invite you to read more about my hands-on coaching and get answers to your questions about somatic sex education or how sessions with me work. I’d also be happy to schedule a free Get Acquainted call to talk about your situation and how I can be of service. You can get in touch with me here.

To celebrate Anal Sex Month, I’m offering a discount on any anal play coaching sessions during the month of August! For talk sessions, my regular sliding scale rate of $150-400 will be $100-300. And you can take $50 off the regular rate for hands-on sessions. This only applies to anal play coaching sessions scheduled for the month of August, so get in touch with me to set it up soon!